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Boxleitner received his formal acting training on stage. A native mid-westerner, he is an alumnus of Chicago's prestigious Goodman Theatre. In 1972, he starred in the Broadway production of Status Quo Vadis with Ted Danson. He then relocated to Los Angeles and quickly landed a guest spot on the legendary TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show as well as numerous guest roles on series, including Hawaii 5-0, Beretta, Police Woman, and Gunsmoke. Boxleitner's big break occurred when he was cast opposite James Arness in the pilot for the epic TV series How the West Was Won. He went on to star in the CBS series Bring 'em Back Alive; mini-series East of Eden; and TV movie The Last Convertible. He is known for his leading roles in, ‘How the west was won’, ‘Babylon 5’ both of them being television series, ‘Tron’, the sequel ‘Tron Legacy’ and the animated series ‘Tron: Uprising’. He co-starred in most of The Gambler films with Kenny Rogers , where his character provides comic relief. He also starred in such TV movies as Judith Krantz's Till We Meet Again and Danielle Steel's Zoya. Bruce during the late decade of the 80’s appeared in several advertisements for Estee Lauder’s “Lauder For Men”. He also starred as Confederate General James Longstreet in the 2003 film Gods and Generals . He provides the voice of Colin Barrow in the animated science fiction horror film Dead Space: Downfall , based on the video game Dead Space . Other films he has been in include Kuffs , Babe, Brilliant , Snakehead Terror , Legion of the Dead , King of the Lost World , Shadows in Paradise and Transmorphers: Fall of Man . In 2011 he officially announced that he will reprise his role as Alan Bradley/Tron in Tron 3 . July 2015 Boxleitner said that he is done with the franchise, as "it's been too up and down for me. I would rather not just keep going. I don't want to repeat my career anymore." In 2003, Boxleitner was appointed to the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, a nonprofit, educational space advocacy organization founded by Dr. Wernher von Braun. He was friends with actress Beverly Garland for nearly 30 years. He met her on an episode of How the West Was Won , and later co-starred alongside her on Scarecrow & Mrs. King , though he had very few scenes with her. Then, in 1986, Boxleitner presented Garland the Golden Boot Award. After the cancellation of  Scarecrow , Boxleitner remained close to Garland, contacting her consistently, until her death, on December 5, 2008. Bruce first got married to Kathyrn Holcomb, an American actress. They both acted in the ‘How The West Was Won movie later their romance begun. She was starring as his younger sister. He said that he was smitten by her, at the first sight. He got desert fever when he first met her on the set. She was dating someone at that time. Kathryn took him to her doctor and Bruce was given a shot. She invited Bruce to her home and put him in the bathtub to cool his body. Her lover entered the house at that time and thought that Kathryn was having an affair with Bruce. She broke the relationship with him and eventually started dating Bruce. There are also rumors that she had a relationship with Bruce’s father when Bruce was taking a nap in the same house, when they were dating. There are no evidences to prove the above said rumor. There were rumors about a relationship between Bruce and Kate Jackson. But, there are no evidences to prove the same. They got married in 1977 and Karthyrn gave birth to their two sons Sam and Lee, however, their marriage lasted for only ten years. In 1987, Holcomb broke the marriage and got married to Ian Ogilvy, a British actor, who guest-starred on Boxleiner’s series ‘Babylon 5’. In 1995, Bruce after he recovered from his first marriage’s failure, he got married to his second wife,  Melissa Gilbert , an American actress. At that time, Gilbert also guest-starred as Boxleitner's on-screen wife, Anna Sheridan, during Season 3 of Babylon 5. Melissa and Bruce have a son together, however after sixteen years in 2011their happy marital life was about to come to an end. Melissa announced that their relationship is over and in the same year, she filed for a divorce. The reason for the separation is stated as irretrievable breakdown and ‘irreconcilable differences’. In legal terms, it means a ‘no fault’ separation. Neither Melissa nor Bruce has spoken about the reasons for their divorce much. Perhaps the couple just ended up growing apart. They shared the custody of their son and Mellissa sought spousal support. According to the January reports of separation, Mellissa requested only spousal support and preferred to share custody. She never mentioned anything about alimony. It was said that Melissa and Bruce met on a blind date set up by his ex-wife, Kathryn. They dated for about a year and were apparently engaged twice before going down the aisle. It was Bruce who broke off both engagements and it seems a surprise that the couple ever married at all after so much back and forth. In the same year as his separation from Kathryn, he dated his short term girlfriend,  Mary Hart  for just a year. When it comes to romance, it is said that Bruce is attracted to women, whom he chased and conquered. Bruce, nowadays, seems to be focusing on his acting carrier; he seems to have moved after Melissa, Verena King and he have been in a relationship for three years and recently announced their engagement,. Boxleitner has written two science fiction novels with a Western setting, Frontier Earth (1999) and Searcher (2001). His networth is estimated to be $3 Million Dollars(approx.) Bruce has a social profile but he is not quite active on it. His twitter page is https:///boxleitnerbruce Help us edit this article and get a chance to win a $50 amazon Gift card.

The film has earned very high critical praise. [13] [14] [15] Gilbert currently has a score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes . [16]

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I was wondering what political party Melissa and Bruce belong to and does it say Melissa boxlightner on her driver license?
I am a registered Democrat. Bruce is a Republican. Melissa Gilbert is on my driver's license

Alongside Wire, Bruce has always continued to work on his own projects, which tend to be filmic, abstract and somewhat experimental in nature. Several of Bruce's solo recordings are based around commissions for modern dance productions and films, while more recent work is entirely standalone in nature, perhaps echoing Bruce's "fascination with the possibilities of sound". Throughout, a live component has also existed in Bruce's work. He's been involved in a number of art and sound installations and pieces of performance art, and also had a stint as a DJ (DJ Beekeeper), which Bruce noted was a means for him to manipulate other people's music. He also co-founded Dome with Graham Lewis, worked on Duet Emmo with Lewis and Daniel Miller, and collaborated with Angela Conway on the haunting album One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing.

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Melissa is the youngest person ever to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Granddaughter of Harry Crane. Had a highly publicized relationship with Rob Lowe during the eighties and were supposedly engaged. Goddaughter of Charlie Brill (Silk Stalkings). Adopted daughter of Paul Gilbert. Was introduced to husband, Bruce Boxleitner, by his ex-wife, Kathryn Holcomb. Dated Tom Cruise when both were teenagers. Was a big fan of her husband Bruce before they met.

Bruce Gilbert - The Shivering ManBruce Gilbert - The Shivering ManBruce Gilbert - The Shivering ManBruce Gilbert - The Shivering Man